Treasure chest pinata

Treasure chest pinata


€ 25 incl VAT

You're having a pirate themed party? THen you can't do without this pinata! Filled with sweets and confeti it makes for the perfect addition to your party.

30 x 20 x 35 cm (lxdxh)

- 50 sweets
- Confetti

Fitted with a pullstring

What is een pinata?

A pinata is a bright coloured figure. Usually made of paper mache. Traditionally filled with sweets, fruits and/or presents.

Pinata's originate in Mexico and are used for Christmas and birthday celebrations. The pinata is filled, suspended from a rope and then smashed. The children are blindfolded and given a stick with which they attempt to smash the pinata into pieces. When the pinata breakes a wave of confeti, sweets, etc. comes falling down on top of them.  

What is a pullstring?

On the bottom of the pinata hangs a bundle of ribbons. One of the ribbons is connected to a secret trapdoor. The other ribbons are fake. Children take turns pulling one of the ribbons untill one opens the trapdoor with the right ribbon. The contents of the pinata will fall from the bottom of the pinata.

Using the pullstring minimises the damage to the pinata so it can be saved as a nice memory to the party.

Pullstring pinata are extreme suitable for smaller children who do not have the right strength and coordination to break the pinata with a stick.

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