Helium balloons

Helium balloons


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Helium balloons are available in a number of shapes and sizes. Below we have listed a few of our options

Seperate Helium balloons (latex)

Seperate helium balloons are ideal for letting up during an opening ceremony, balloon competitions or decorating a ceiling at a party venue.
We deliver seperate balloons with a ribbon but without a weight or HiFloat treatment. The average floating time of latex helium balloons (11 inch) is 8-12 hours from time of inflation. 

Balloon bouquets with helium

Balloonbouquets are the perfect solution for decorating a table or floor. They can contain any number of balloons. For table use we usually maintain 3 balloons, for floor decoration we tend to use 5-6 balloons depending on the desired height. 
We treat balloon bouquets with HiFloat, making them float considerably longer. The bouquets are fited with a weight and ribbons. Treated bouquets will float for serveral days.

Shape Balloons (foil)

Shape balloons are the well known metallic balloons found at carnivals, fairs and hospitals. These balloons are made of foil and therefore no suitable for letting up or ballooncompetitions (not biodegradable). They are very suitbale as a gift or for use in balloon bouquets or balloon decoration. 
Foil balloons aren't porous and have a longer floating time them latex balloons. Floating time depends on shape/size


As you can see, there are many different possibilities to use helium balloons. This makes it hard to just put down a price since there are so many variables in play.
Do you want 1 balloon, 50, 200? seperate balloons or bouquets? Regulare latex, metallic latex or foil baloons?

Please contact us for a quote on you wishes/specifications.


HiFLoat is a special gel for latex balloons. It makes the balloons less porous, extending the floating time up to 25 times longer then normal! HiFloat is 100% biodgradable and non-toxic,
We use a HiFloat treatment on balloon bouquets and decorations, making them last considerably longer. It is labour intensive and we use more material, so you will notice that in the costs.
Seperate balloons for letting up and balloon competitions usually do nog receive a HiFloat treatment

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